The Dawlish Town Council has been working with various community organisations to produce a leaflet. It includes a support network of contact information to help local people during the current COVID-19 pandemic. It has been distributed across Dawlish, although there may be some properties that have been missed. All information is available by visiting the new website: There is an opportunity to support this community effort. There’s a phone number to offer to volunteer. You can also give financially through the Helping Dawlish website.

You can download PDFs of the leaflets here (‘Dawlish is Here to Help’ has been updated):

Here are images of the downloads:

Please help by sharing this information.

Need Prayer?

“Praying for Dawlish” is a Facebook page that has been set up for you to send in your prayer requests, whether you currently have a faith in God or not.

Praying for your Community

One way to show that we love and support our community is by praying for them. Lead ministers in Dawlish have met, and they decided to circulate these posters around the Churches. These are for anyone to print off and display in their window or front door. There are 3 to choose from. Please download your chosen PDF below.

Here are the images of the PDFs: