Rejoice and be Clad!

We are required by Redrow to make the building look completed from the outside before we continue with progress internally, so whilst the windows are going in, we are rendering and cladding the exterior blockwork. It’s starting to look great, at least from the outside!

Here are a few pics of the windows so far:

And some of the cladding.

It looks a bit new at the moment but will fade to silver-grey over time:

And finally some pics of the rendering, what a neat job, Simon & Ryan!

It will be painted white when it has cured:

Psalm 116:12 says: What shall I render unto the LORD for all his benefits toward me? Why not read it and find out! A sacrifice of thanksgiving (v17) and calling His name may not seem much, but it’s exactly what God loves to hear coming from our hearts!

We had a good report from Health & Safety visit this week. Doesn’t it look a tidy site?

Nevertheless, please continue to pray for the safety of everyone working on this project.