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Here are some short devotionals or “thought for the days” that are emailed out with our notice sheets most weeks. They are titled, “A View From Dawlish”. We hope that you will be blessed by them and find them useful in your walk with God.

29th October

When we read the New Testament we see in its pages a narrative about a man who goes around doing supernatural miracles and read of a world of forces and authorities with which we have to contend. None would deny… Continue Reading →

22nd October

God’s church worldwide is a vast collection of individuals who all have vastly different cultures, different experiences, and different ways of expressing themselves. So how is it that the worldwide church can present an effective and united front to present… Continue Reading →

15th October

How can we be most effective in our Christian witness? If you look at the early church it was a group of people empowered by the Holy Spirit. Throughout the bible we see that when God wished to get someone’s… Continue Reading →

October 8th

There has been some discussion recently mainly on social media, about certain churches and their practices and the songs that come from them. Here is my personal view. With reference to songs that we sing, they should be in alignment… Continue Reading →

October 4th

We all have three aspects of who and what we are. Body, soul, and spirit.In the Old Testament we have a few instances of God supplying people with food for their bodies. If we start in Genesis we see that… Continue Reading →

September 24th

What is the fundamental basic reason for ‘being church’? I am assuming in that statement that the church is not the building, but the people. I think we have come to know this over the last few years ourselves, as… Continue Reading →

17th September

What is Grace? It is a word used many times throughout the bible. It is used especially by Paul and Peter in their greeting and benediction to their writings to the early church. In the Oxford Thesaurus of English, grace… Continue Reading →

10th September

What does it mean to ‘belong’? The dictionary definition is as follows: to have a place, be located, be situated, be found, lie, stand, be included, be classed, be classified, be categorised; or to fit in, be suited to, have… Continue Reading →

3rd September

This Sunday we will be listening to a “visiting speaker”, who is representing Christians Against Poverty (CAP). It does not matter how much money a person has, they will always wish for a little more. So we can ask ourselves… Continue Reading →

30th July

During the summer we have a series of Sunday All Age Services based on important building projects in the bible. The Tower of Babel; the Israelites building the pyramids; the Tabernacle in the wilderness; Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem; the rebuilding… Continue Reading →

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