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Here are some short devotionals or “thought for the days” that are emailed out with our notice sheets most weeks. They are titled, “A View From Dawlish”. We hope that you will be blessed by them and find them useful in your walk with God.

30th July

During the summer we have a series of Sunday All Age Services based on important building projects in the bible. The Tower of Babel; the Israelites building the pyramids; the Tabernacle in the wilderness; Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem; the rebuilding… Continue Reading →

23rd July

Yesterday morning I was in the garden. On the boundary of our garden and two others is a fir tree. It is full of ivy growing up the trunk and inhibiting the growth of the tree. Although I have cut… Continue Reading →

16th July

As we contemplate the easing of lockdown what have you missed about not being able to meet together as church. Why do we meet together on Sundays? Can you worship without singing? How do we avoid being less than two… Continue Reading →

9th July

The subject of unanswered prayer is not something that can be dealt with in just a page or two of writing. It takes a whole lifetime of experience, and even then we will not fully understand. As a Life Group… Continue Reading →

2nd July

There has always been a desire among humans to discover where we came from and how we function. Probably the second most important discovery in this area is the understanding of how our bodies work at a molecular level, is… Continue Reading →

June 25th

Over the last few weeks our television screens have been filled with protests about how some members of society are not treated equally to others. It is not my intention here to pass comment on how this has developed, only… Continue Reading →

18th June

Modern technology is a wonderful thing and satellite navigation is one of the more useful devices. You just put in your destination and you get step by step, junction by junction, information, which if correctly followed, will lead you to… Continue Reading →

11th June

Moses was born into oppression, the ruler of that time was committing genocide on all newborn Hebrew males. However Moses himself was miraculously rescued and brought up in the regime that had sought to kill him. Forty years of upbringing… Continue Reading →

4th June

Over the last few weeks I have been spending most of my spare time building a low stone wall beside a path in the back garden. It serves the dual purpose of holding back the earth in the flower bed… Continue Reading →

28th May

This week I would like to turn our attention to the Psalms. These are a collection of ‘songs’ from Jewish tradition and may have been the only ‘hymnbook’ Jesus would have had. There has been much said about the current… Continue Reading →

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