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Here are some short devotionals or “thought for the days” that are emailed out with our notice sheets most weeks. They are titled, “A View From Dawlish”. We hope that you will be blessed by them and find them useful in your walk with God.

14th April

Many of you know that we agreed to join the Senior Leadership Team of Dawlish Christian Fellowship at a time when there was a need for more people to share the burden of responsibility. Along with my wife we agreed… Continue Reading →

7th April

It has been a thought in the back of my mind for some time now that I would like to try my hand at learning how to make an item of stained glass. At first one thinks it would be… Continue Reading →

31st March

Everyone on this planet worships someone or something! Worship is normally thought of in terms of religion, but it equally applies to the secular. Who or what we worship is simply the person or thing which we give the greatest… Continue Reading →

24th March

As I awoke in the night I could hear the wind blowing past the side of our house. This was a strong and fairly constant wind and from past experience I know that there could be some consequences on the… Continue Reading →

17th March

Tonight we meet together as members of a local church to celebrate all that Dawlish Christian Fellowship has meant, to so many people over the past number of years, and also, for those of us who can remember Central Hall… Continue Reading →

10th March

How do we live a life that is both effective and honouring to God? In The Gospel of John, Jesus points out to the disciples that he did not do anything on his own, he only did what he saw… Continue Reading →

March 3rd

How does reading the bible begin to make us better people? Just reading will transfer the words on the page into our memories, but how does head knowledge become heart knowledge? How can reading the bible not just change the… Continue Reading →

17th February

How do we present our message to others? Is our message a positive or negative one? In this country we are still able to claim the right to free speech, however it is quite likely that this will be eroded… Continue Reading →

February 10th

How much do we see God working in our lives? Do we see things happen that we cannot explain in the natural scheme of things? Do we see extraordinarily events manifesting in divine interventions in human lives? That is the… Continue Reading →

3rd February

Whatever age we are, whether young or more often as we get older, there are times when we look back on our lives, take stock of where we are, and look to the future. For most people this will include… Continue Reading →

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