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Here are some short devotionals or “thought for the days” that are emailed out with our notice sheets most weeks. They are titled, “A View From Dawlish”. We hope that you will be blessed by them and find them useful in your walk with God.

14th January

Last Sunday Guy & Hazel began to share the vision and culture for Hope Church. Vision is very important for any organisation, especially where there is a large volunteer workforce, such as a church. We encourage everyone who wants to… Continue Reading →

7th January

Lockdown is again a reality for us. There are only a few reasons for which we can venture out from our homes. This may feel restrictive, but it does bring new opportunities. For the next few weeks it will bring… Continue Reading →

31st December

This time of year is usually a time to look back and thank God for His blessings. This year has not been without additional complications, but most of us have learnt new ways of doing things, and we thank God… Continue Reading →

17th December

Why did did Jesus come as a baby on that first Christmas morning over 2000 years ago? Because God is a God of relationship, we believe he is one God, but three distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They… Continue Reading →

10th December

Christmas is a time for friends and family, to get together and celebrate. There is the anticipation of seeing family members we have not seen for some time. Along with the enjoyment there can be a touch of sorrow as… Continue Reading →

3rd December

This is the time of year to think about buying presents for everyone, is it suitable? have we forgotten anyone! Some of you will have started looking for gifts soon after last year’s festivities had finished. Some of you may… Continue Reading →

26th November

Much has been written about the struggles we have as we try to live our lives as Christians. Our lives are a journey and none of us have completed that journey yet and so we all have more lessons to… Continue Reading →

19th November

I am sure that you will have prayed the Lord’s Prayer many times, which means that you have prayed that, referring to God’s Kingdom “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven”. As Christians… Continue Reading →

12th November

What are memories? They are thoughts which exist, perhaps only in the depth of our brains, but they can produce such powerful emotions in us and memories of war especially so. I remember as a young boy sitting with my… Continue Reading →

5th November

When we read the New Testament we see in its pages a narrative about a man who goes around doing supernatural miracles and read of a world of forces and authorities with which we have to contend. None would deny… Continue Reading →

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