If you have been past our building site at the end of Swift Road recently, you will have seen a lot of activity but not very much to see for it!

That’s because our difficult plot of land required an enormous amount of preparation to provide firm foundations for the new Church Community Centre.

In fact, we have sunk over 150 piles, each about 30cm in diameter and 7 metres deep!

The piles were then fastened together with reinforcing steel bar and trenches dug between them.

Reinforcing steel cages were then laid in the trenches, and next week these will be filled with concrete to form the ground beams of the foundations.

It is at this point that the shape and size of the building will begin to appear.

The project so far has not been without its challenges, not least the weather, so our thanks go to the team at Baileys Groundworks for their perseverance!

Whilst we complete the foundations and drains, the steel frame is being fabricated. When it’s ready to be erected we will let you know; we can’t wait to see the building rise out of the ground!