During the summer we have a series of Sunday All Age Services based on important building projects in the bible. The Tower of Babel; the Israelites building the pyramids; the Tabernacle in the wilderness; Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem; the rebuilding of the temple and the walls of Jerusalem by Esra and Nehemiah; and finally Jesus symbolically rebuilding the temple (His body) and the church, again a symbol of his body as “living stones.”

All these are buildings were built to be places of worship. The first two are places of worship of human achievement, the others, places of worship of the one true God. What we build as we live our lives is important.

The new church and community centre has been like every other building. First you need an idea, a vision, inspiration. You see a plot of land. Then you talk to an architect who transforms the vision into a plan, you then seek permission from the authorities, then you count the cost and decide. Yes or No. You buy the land and appoint a builder to carry out the work. Contractors and subcontractors come and go, you want to help, you want to hurry things along, but you know the builder has it all under control. One day you pay the last invoice and receive the keys. Time to enjoy? Or is it the time when the work really begins? (With apologies to Barry, John, Tracey and team for making building work sound so easy!)

Actually the hard work should start now! The fixtures and fittings are chosen, how are we to put them to maximum use for the Kingdom? No doubt you have in the back of your mind those to meet for coffee & cake, but what other interest groups are there, who may need a new home? Or you may have been wanting to set up a group yourself but did not have a suitable venue. Not everyone who comes to Dawlish Christian Fellowship are able or would be expected to join in, although all will be welcome.

There are other people too who live in Dawlish who would also benefit from hearing about the good news. Some would not consider they had time for an ‘evening class,’ but invite them to bring the children for tea, and they will have a party! Perhaps they work all week, they may even play hard on a Saturday too and so an invite on a Sunday, their only family day of the week, may not be the best time. We must consider other options as well.

We welcome everyone who comes to a service on a Sunday to hear more about God, but there are so many more people who will never come to a service. We need to be out there intentionally speaking to those we meet, to build relationships, to share our lives with them, to share our faith with them. I know that many of you do this already, and that not everyone can, but we can all support those who do.

So what is the message we want to tell people? The good news. It is in essence to build your life on Jesus Christ. Do the groundwork, decide where your priorities lie and make the decision to build on a firm foundation (Mathew 7: 24-27). You must reject building anywhere else or any other foundation and count the cost (Luke 14: 25-30). You will be given plans on how to build as you progress each day, rejecting our own way, and you have permission to build by God already (John 1: 12). Daily you will be able to talk with the builder, the Holy Spirit, to guide you in the building process (John 15: 15-17). Spend our lives telling other people about spending their lives building for God (Romans 15:
17-20). One day after perhaps many years of hard work we will be given the keys to another place (John 14: 1-6). Where we enjoy God’s perfect world for ever.