Christmas and Easter a reason for celebration.
To restore the broken relationship between God the Father and us, the people he created, God sent Jesus, his Son, who came to this world to rescue us from ourselves and the mess we have made of our lifestyle. He came as God in human form, which we celebrate at Christmas.

Jesus is no longer a baby but he is God’s Son. This baby of Christmas became the saviour of Easter. At Easter we remember that Jesus died, was placed in a tomb for three days, before he rose again to life, burst out of the tomb, showing that death has been defeated and we too can be restored to life and a new relationship with God for ever. As we trust God he leads us through death to new life. Baptism being a symbol of us putting to death our own life and we are raised to a new life, following Jesus, our relationship with God restored. God the Holy Spirit dwells within us, just as the Spirit descended upon Jesus at his baptism . 2 Corinthians 5: 17-18 (CEV) Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new. God has done it all! He sent Christ to make peace between himself and us, and he has given us the work of making peace between himself and others.

Just as we need water and food to sustain physical life, we need the spiritual equivalent to sustain our new life, our spiritual life. Every Christian has the Holy Spirit within them. In the bible the Spirit is often spoken of as water (See John 4: 3-42) and for food we have God’s word the bible. The bible teaches us how to live a life which pleases God and the Holy Spirit is given to guide us, when we don’t fully understand the bible, or when we deviate from God’s plan for us, the Spirit restores us back into a close relationship with himself.

Just for clarity, the bible speaks to us about one true God, our creator, and the sustainer of all life. But in speaking of God, he describes himself as three persons, namely God the Father, Jesus God’s Son, and also the Holy Spirit. Three persons one God, or the Trinity. Do we fully understand this, no, but in thinking of God in this way it helps us to understand the different ways we can relate to God. The Father who adopts us and restores us to live in his family, Jesus who came as an example of a lifestyle serving each other and the Holy Spirit who has shown us the way of relationship and invites others too.

The baby of Christmas becomes the saviour of Easter, executed by the Romans at the request of his own people the Jews.(This was written about long before it happened, see Isaiah 53: 1-12) Jesus, the Son of God, died in our place so a holy, God the Father can accept his sacrifice and we can live because he died and came back to life again. We also see the picture of food and drink in the Easter story as Jesus asked his disciples toremember him by taking bread and wine, which we still do, as disciples or followers of Jesus, as we celebrate communion together as people who desire to thank God for a restored relationship, which is for this life and, because death is defeated, for the future life to come.