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Dawlish Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a growing church seeking to be more people, more like Jesus.

DCF includes people of all ages and backgrounds whose lives have been touched and transformed through their personal encounters with Jesus Christ.

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Mark’s Blog

As a church community, we have already been granted planning permission for our new building by Teignbridge District Council. The bigger and better question is what has the Lord granted us His planning permission for? In other words, what spiritual blueprints does He have drawn up in heaven with Dawlish Christian Fellowship’s name written on them? Of course, here I am not talking about our new building, but whatever it is that He wants to build in us – what designs He has on us as His people.

The Bible says that the Lord has works for us to do which He has prepared in advance (Ephesians 2:10). So what does He have in mind for us? On one level, we do not need to over think this. We are not called to do anything different from any other church in the world – to be obedient to Christ by teaching others to obey everything He has commanded (Matthew 28:20), which Jesus Himself summarises for us as to really to love God and really love people (Matthew 22:37-40).

So firstly, we need to rest in the knowledge that the simple desire to please God, pleases Him. The words ‘whatever you do’ (Colossians 3:17,23) imply that it doesn’t so much matter what good we do, but rather in whose name we do it. So let’s not overthink God’s will for us, but rather spend our lives in His name, getting on with doing things that will please Him because they are the very things that Jesus has commanded us to do (John 14:15).

Having done this, secondly, we need to learn to walk by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). This means trusting the Lord that whatever He has brought into our midst, especially whatever has been tested and proven over time, is, in fact, His will for us, as we trust in Him (Romans 15:13).

We each have a unique, God-given calling to serve Him, and perhaps to reflect a particular aspect of His glory (2 Peter 1:10). In the same way, as a church, we are established to fulfil a specific purpose set by Him, in the time and space He has granted us – at one particular place, at one moment in history. So how are we to discover what this purpose is? How can we possibly discern what it is that He is calling us into, beyond the general calling that all churches must pursue?

Let’s start by watching as well as praying. Let’s pay attention to what He is doing, and look for His hand at work in our everyday circumstances. Let’s earnestly pray together much more than we have been doing, and as a whole gathered church, and seek to answer the question: What kind of church has Jesus been dreaming of in Dawlish? Then we just might begin to see something emerge and unfold in our midst that looks very much like God’s will for us.


Mark Jones, Church Leader, August 2018