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As you might expect, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about right living and right relationships, which is our current preaching series on Sunday mornings. As a church, we aspire to be ‘More People, More Like Jesus’, with these words prominently displayed for all to see in our entrance way. Just stating the obvious, but that’s ‘More People, More Like Jesus’, not ‘More People, More Like the Pharisees’. The Pharisees were always being religious, so often pointing out other people’s failings, but reluctant to examine themselves. The Kingdom of God is not like this, which is why Jesus reserved some of his harshest words for such as these. In the Kingdom we are to always seek to reverse this trend, by instead examining ourselves and looking to the needs of others. Anyone can be religious and the world is caught up in this fruitless pursuit. We have a higher calling and a much better Way. It is not complicated, it is simple. But it is hard, and it will break our hearts. But it is the doorway to the abundant life and freedom and joy and peace and love. Let’s look for opportunities this week to reverse the trend. – Mark Jones, Church Leader

More People, More Like Jesus

Dawlish Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a growing church seeking to be more people, more like Jesus.

DCF includes people of all ages and backgrounds whose lives have been touched and transformed through their personal encounters with Jesus Christ.

We are a busy church, with lots going on through out the week. Check out the site for more details!!

We would love to welcome you and look forward to seeing you!