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More People, More Like Jesus

Dawlish Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a growing church seeking to be more people, more like Jesus.

DCF includes people of all ages and backgrounds whose lives have been touched and transformed through their personal encounters with Jesus Christ.

We are a relational church, with lots going on through out the week. Check out the site for more details!!

We would love to welcome you and look forward to seeing you!

Mark’s Blog

We stand on the threshold of taking possession of the land the Lord is giving us, like the people of Israel in Joshua Chapter 3, on the night before they crossed the Jordan. Like them, we need to take this moment in and consecrate ourselves, ‘for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.’ (Joshua 3:5). Are we ready for this? On the other side of the Jordan, once the stones were piled up, a whole lot of fighting began. Are we in fighting spirit? Have we the stomach for the fight?

If we don’t, we can still obey the Lord, by consecrating ourselves and asking Him to come in by His Spirit and impart something into us that will make the difference. Then we go in our frailty, inadequacy and unpreparedness and wait for God to show us just what He can do with a group of people who get right with Him, bind themselves together in prayer, and make themselves available to the world.

Watch this space! Watch and pray and see if the Lord will not take our breath away with what He has in store for us, and, more importantly, for them. May our battle cry be ‘Them, not Us’. Their needs over our own. Our lives spent for their salvation. This is the heartbeat of the Gospel. This is the very thing we are being called into. Let’s take a moment to stand on the bank of the great river we are about to cross and wonder at what is about to happen. This moment will not last much longer…

Mark Jones, Church Leader, March 2018